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Automatechs Manpower Solutions Inc.

is a group of passionate individuals who keep on reinventing the recruitment process to its most efficient and ethical standards as we aim to be the premier provider of highly skilled and professional Filipino workforce around the world and be the trailblazer of efficient and ethical recruitment solutions in the country.

Established in 2016 through a humble beginning, hiring and deploying automotive professionals, drivers, technicians and skilled workers, and eventually climbed the ladder of success and now deploys not only automotive professionals but also medical professionals, beauticians, hotel and restaurant service workers, household service workers, among others.

AMSI’s executive team consists of highly dependable and well-experienced professionals who lead their people competently and are dedicated to provide the highest quality service to each and every employers / clients / principal and candidates the company have.

Passion in helping talented and hardworking Filipinos to provide a better life for their family is what drives AMSI. Efficient and Ethical Recruitment service is what we guarantee.


Our logo represents the various skills being supplied by the company to its clients, employers and partners


The three (3) person signifies:

Automatechs stands firmly with neutral approach towards its employees engaged with the operations

Provides opportunity, mediates and bridges the gap between the workers and foreign employers, clients and partners for a better overseas opportunity.

Above all, Automatechs has a heart for its employees, clients and partners and a head over its heart to deliver the best decision possible.


UNITING SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE WITH OPPORTUNITY. Automatechs is committed to open its door of opportunities to highly skilled workers and professionals, and make ways to bridge the gaps between foreign principals, government institutions, partners and clients.


To be the premier provider of highly skilled and professional workforce to leading companies and institution around the world. And be the trailblazer of efficient and ethical recruitment company in the country.



Automatechs is committed to provide quality services to our employers/principals. Thus, we only deliver highly qualified workforce to fill-in their requirements. We ensure that we have enough manpower to supply all our clients’ requirements.


We value each and every employers’ and candidates’ time. Hence, we efficiently manage our recruitment protocols from manpower pooling to deployment. We ensure that every candidates’ necessary requirements are thoroughly checked and reviewed to ensure a delay-free processing. We promote the ONE AND DONE working attitude that values the time of the people involved in the process.


We deliver what we promised. Our commitment to fulfill our principals’ requirements in a timely manner is one of our utmost goals. Our recruitment teams are individually accountable for their respective performances and ensure appropriate number of qualified candidates for our principals’ selection.


We can be your trusted partner to supply your need for well-trained and highly qualified workforce. The quality of service we provide to all our clients, employers and principals is a living testament of who AMSI is.


We, at AMSI, are committed to all our principals, employers and clients. We strive hard to provide the quality services they rightfully deserve through ethical recruitment process and comply with all government mandated requirements of the Philippines and of the host country. Our recruitment Teams are trained to value relationship with utmost respect, provide convenience and transparency in all our actions.

To raise the standard of recruitment industry in the Philippines by employing practical, simplified and advance system of selection and placement of Filipino workforce.

To set as an example in the recruitment industry as a law-abiding agency with uncompromising attitude towards any forms of illegal recruitment.

Ensure that only qualified and competent Filipino workers that are suitable for the job are deployed.

Guarantee that only employers/principals with proven background and untainted reputation can employ Filipino workers.

Ensure that the deployed Filipino workers have the best renumeration packages that are honored and fully implemented in the host country.